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Scrubs Club Events

About Our Events

Scrubs Club events (previously known as Mini-Medical School) make a lasting impression by bringing fun, health, wellness, and career-related activities to students grades K-6. Scrubs Club events include experiential activities, content, and games that are designed to: 

  1. Teach students the importance of preventative medicine and a healthy lifestyle

  2. Introduce students to healthcare career opportunities

  3. Build student confidence and comfort with medical terms and instruments

  4. Foster positive role models


During a Scrubs Club event, students visit eight stations covering different health topics. At these stations, students learn about the human body and how to stay healthy while exploring different healthcare careers and connecting with volunteer healthcare professionals.

Virtual Scrubs Club Events

Virtual Scrubs Club events enable students or classes to virtually “walk” and tour the Scrubs Club classroom (think Google Earth in a school setting). Virtual Scrubs Club offers educators the flexibility to complete their tour in one day or to cover the content over the course of a few days, incorporating it into their existing curriculum.


Virtual Scrubs Club ends with an optional 30-minute “Ask a Health Professional” talk where classes live chat with a volunteer healthcare professional. During the chat, students can ask questions about the volunteer’s healthcare career or follow-up questions about the concepts learned during Virtual Scrubs Club.

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