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Career Awareness | K-6


Scrubs Club builds healthcare career awareness for K-6 students. Scrubs Club resources focus on fostering aspirational thinking and introducing students to positive healthcare role models. Scrubs Club events were previously known as Mini-Medical School.

Michigan Career Development Targets

Scrubs Club resources help educators to meet Michigan's Career Development Model for Elementary Career Awareness by building:

  • Academic Connection | Connecting the classroom to future career opportunities

  • Career Awareness | Engaging students in career awareness activities


Using Scrubs Club Resources

Scrubs Club resources make it easy for educators to add healthcare career awareness into existing lessons: 

  • Aligns with Health Education Grade Level Content Expectations for K- Grade 6

  • Stand-alone or stackable lesson plans

  • Opportunities for 1:1 interactions with current healthcare professionals

More resources will be available soon!



Scrubs Club events include experiential activities, content, and games


This healthcare education and activity book empowers students to learn about health, the body, and the health careers 


Our informal chats and interviews feature a variety of Michigan healthcare providers.

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